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Biblegateway – Bible Search, Commentaries, Parallels, Devotionals, and more

Christian Classics Ethereal Library – Classical writings from Church Father’s and more

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry – Foundational Apologetics

Got Questions? – Simple answers for spiritual questions – A theological encyclopedia

Ligonier – RC Sproul and many others – Free audio Bible. Hundreds of languages!

Strong’s Bible Online – The Bible in Greek and Hebrew – Bible Study Tools; including a Strong’s dictionary to compliment

Olive Tree – Bible Software and Apps

Logos – More Bible Software – Articles, MP3s & Resources on the Historic Christian Faith – David Platt’s Resources: Secret Church and more

Wayne Grudem – Essays and Answers of Cessationism of a Professor of Theology – John Piper’s Resources, Books and Sermons

Sermonaudio – Over 1 Million Sermons, free to download!

Sermonindex – 1 Million Sermons More

Calvary Chapel Modesto – Damian Kyle Resources: Through the Bible and more

This is just a small list of sermons that I’ve listened to that have had a profound impact on me. There are countless more that I’ve had the honor of gleaning from, but I hope you take the time to look at just a couple of these and be blessed as well.

Francis Chan – If Jesus were the pastor of your church you probably wouldn’t go there

John Piper – God is most glorified in us when we are more glorified in Him

John Piper – Twelve Features of New Calvinism

Leonard Ravenhill – Forget Miracles Preach Holiness

David Wilkerson – Prosperity gospel Bursts David

Paul Washer – We have forgotten that the Way is Narrow

Paul Washer – The Shocking Youth Message

Ravi Zacharias – Satan’s Temptation of Christ

David Platt – God Hates & Loves Sinners