Below are some of the most memorable moments that stand out to me in each of the towns that I preached. Some are great testimonies, and some are still heartbreaking to me to this day.

“I like the Gospel you preach”
A boda-boda (motorbike-taxi) driver once was giving me a ride home. He had heard me speak many times about the Gospel; a Gospel much different than the one he had been hearing at his church. I’ve had this response many times from people in Uganda, and it saddens me that they are under such bondage to think that there is another Gospel than the Gospel of righteousness through Christ.
“You make me feel like I’m not even saved”
I spent some time talking to a student about justification. He had not yet realized the depravity of his heart, and had said he was relying in some ways upon the goodness of his own works to make him clean before God. I took him through the commandments to show him that it is only upon the grace of God we can stand, and he said “you make me feel like I’m not even saved.” This is another thing that I hear from the majority of the Christians and Pastors that I spend time teaching. This speaks to how devoid their “gospel” is to save.


“I did not want to preach the Gospel until I knew how” Pastor, Good News Church Mukono
This one of my favorite Pastors that I meant, because she had an open heart to the word, and simply wanted to hear the truth. This Pastor had gone out preaching the Gospel with her church, doing the same things that many do in Uganda and in America today: Four Spiritual Laws, Sinner’s Prayer, Repentance Salvation (repent to stay saved after you are born again). After she did this with no effect, the Holy Spirit told her she was not preaching what was the truth, so she told God that she will not preach the Gospel again until she knew how. It just so happens that the Holy Spirit sent me to Uganda during that time period to teach the true Gospel, and how to proclaim it correctly. The church was grateful, and fervent after this to preach the Gospel.
“You aren’t getting saved without me!”
We took the newly formed evangelism team out to preach the Gospel in two groups. On this day we (Charles, myself, and someone we were training to lead the evangelism) took 2 separate groups to be more effective, and to show the groups how to preach the Gospel. Our intention was to let them preach in smaller groups the next day. During this time Charles gathered a group from a home who were SDA (Seventh Day Adventists) and started to speak to them. There were 5 in total, one whom mocked him, and one whom ran inside to not be preached to. Charles faithfully preached anyways and walked them through the Law, showing them they are not justified by their adherence to the Sabbath and other works. This led the three to ask how to be saved. After preaching the Gospel to them they wanted to be born again. Charles invited them to pray as he prayed for them, so that they may be saved. While he was gathering them, the person who went inside to ignore us ran outside and said “You aren’t getting saved without me!”
“I would set him aside and pray with the rest”
A person asked about the sinner’s prayer while we were out evangelizing one day, so I answered with a question. “What if you were preaching to 5 men, and as you were preaching the Gospel you see that the Spirit is moving on them and they are ready for the Holy Spirit to regenerate them. And so you show them, as you were taught before, Romans 10:9, ‘If you believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, and you confess with your mouth that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. So you see, if you confess that Jesus is Lord with your mouth you will be saved. So repeat this prayer after me and God will save you.’ Now what happens if one man is mute, he has no use of his tongue and cannot speak. You have three options here. One, you must think that God cannot saved him because he cannot speak. Two, you must be ready to pray for a miracle and give him back the gift of speech so that he can verbalize the sinner’s prayer. Or three, you must realize the error of your doctrine and realize it is by faith you are saved and the mouth confesses because the heart has become new. What would you do in this situation?’ From this question he responded, ‘I would set him aside and lead the rest of the group in the sinner’s prayer.’ This is not a Gospel, this is works. If we must do anything other than believe in Christ through our repentance from our sins, then our Gospel has lost ALL it’s power to save.


Fort Portal – Golden Vessels Church
One of the first places that we began to teach our evangelism training to was in a very popular town called Fort Portal, which has a very high percentage of Muslims. The group that we were training for the week, admittedly had not preached the Gospel for the most part, some even after years of being saved. After just a short few days of training we released them into their town. The results that came in were astonishing. People who had never preached the Gospel before were leading groups of people to Christ. Muslims were taking off their Kufis (Islamic head piece for men) and throwing them on the ground and walking away, people were breaking their cigarettes in half, and the church doubled in size after just two days of preaching, so much that they didn’t have enough room on the next Sunday to seat all the new members.
Pastor Moses on Spiritual Warfare
One of the topics that we cover when we have a good amount of time is spiritual warfare. One of the reasons for this, is the amount of bad teachings attached to this topic, and the fear of the enemy. We stress the sovereignty of God in all our moments of life, our absolute authority over spirits, as well as the cornerstone of spiritual warfare being the preaching of the Gospel. He stated his thanks for our teachings on this subject because he walked of their superstition regarding how they used to handle warfare, saying they would spend time binding and loosing for hours, and even cast out spirits from rocks.


“We thank you for preaching the true Gospel” Pastor
I am always honored to get out of the main cities to each, because in those towns and villages, oftentimes there is a higher concentration of truth, and therefore the willingness and openness to accept the truth. The Pastor brought in leaders and churches from all over the surrounding area who were also open to the truth. The Pastor issued a thank you after my first Sunday service after a teaching on discipleship, stating, “That was a very hard message. We thank you for preaching the true Gospel.” It’s very uplifting after expending so much time and effort into picking apart false teachings, to be able to go into a church and build upon the already firm foundation they have in Christ. It also allows for easy relations in the future with those churches.


“These are the teachings we need in this time” Pastor of Jesus Cares Ministries
One of the connections that we made, was through a small Pentecostal church. The Pastor was a little hesitant to allow me to preach there, because of the apologetics emphasis of my ministry, as we had already conversed about doctrinal issues and our stances on certain issues. However Charles convinced him to allow me. My first day was a standard 1.5 hours. After that message, the Pastor extended our time to 4 hours. I spoke about a few subjects, including: The Deity and glorification of Christ, Heaven, and The Cost of Discipleship. These teachings led the Pastor to address his congregation saying, “These are the teachings we need in this time.” This was even after my challenge to this small church to be generous in giving to those around them, being fools for the sake of Christ. Even in the midst of the poor, there are those who are willing to obey the commands of Christ to give away all to inherit another Kingdom. And even in the midst of all the false teachers, there are Pastors like this who are willing and able to bring truth to their flock, and to be challenged in their ideas.

“You spoke some very hard things. Your message stole our smiles.” Same Pastor


Rwibaale – Heaven’s Gateway Church
“I want to be blessed” Evangelist
We had a crusade in Rwibaale at the request of the local Pastor, which was to end our time in the town. Upon preparation for this event Charles and I met an evangelist who wanted an opportunity to take the pulpit. I was uncertain of the availability of him having time to preach (as I barely had time to preach the Gospel) so he never got the opportunity to do so…which was a blessing in disguise. After I preached I met with him privately with Charles to talk to him and get to know him. As it turned out he was very misguided in some things. After teaching him and digging into his intentions, we asked him why he wanted to be an evangelist. His answer shocked me when he said, “I want to be blessed.” He, like many other people, preach Christ to start a church, and after a church is planted then you receive the tithes.
They opted to preach instead
We spent a few days, as was our custom, teaching the church how to preach the Gospel. After giving them a good foundation of the truth, the people were very excited about it. We told the church on one afternoon that we wanted to go out to preach, so that they may learn how to be doers of the Word and not just hearers of the Word. The Pastor of the church interrupted, and said that we should instead wait to preach until later. His reasoning being, it was already into the early afternoon, and they had not yet eaten lunch. This may seem like a fair point, however they had not yet even begun to prepare the food. The fire even hadn’t even began to burn to boil water. We left the choice instead to the church members who instantly said they want to preach. The Pastor was a little put off by it, but the congregation was excited to finally get out to fan the flame that had been put in them to preach.
Faith of a child
After our Evangelism training we let the congregation into the town. We got to see some people get saved, and some opted to go to the next Sunday service to learn more. A pair of teens, about 15 each, went into a shop to preach to them. The actual experience wasn’t very good. They didn’t let it deter them, but instead went to the next place to preach. While they were in this shop, they talked to a man who was very aggressive with them, and chased them out of his store. Now the next week when they went back to preach again to him, he had a different tune. He stated to them that his wife had recently fallen extremely ill. She was in extreme, and was so weak that she couldn’t even get out of the bed on her own. Boldly these two girls said to the husband, that if he takes his wife to their church, that she will be healed. He immediately dragged his wife out of the church to the Pastor, and after he prayed for her she was completely healed, and both people saved.
Dancing away the Anointing
My last Sunday in this town, I preached on one thing that was burning in my heart to preach; The Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I preached this one as hard as I could, as it was burning inside of me. Oh how much we need to be filled with the Spirit of God again and again. When I was done, I know that God was at work on the congregation, as for the last 15 minutes, almost no one picked up their eyes from the ground. I left it there, right where it should be left, and anyone with discernment would know that this is the time to seek God. When I left the pulpit, the Pastor got up, proceeded to bring them into praise, through their normal upbeat dancing music. And they simply danced, rejecting the movement of God for a party.
Deafness healed to hear the Gospel
Throughout the week that I was with this church, an elderly couple kept returning over and over again for prayer. After coming for a few days, and the Pastors continuing to pray for them with no effect, Charles and I took them into private to speak with them. They again wanted us to heal him. She stated that her husband was normally a very hard worker, and worked their land daily, while she has a small pork shop off the main road to help support the household. One day when she came home, he was laying on the ground and could barely move. No doctors understood what was wrong with him, so they kept bringing him in for prayer. He was now slow, his eyes clouded over with little vision, his speech slurred with no communication, and his ears closed with almost no sound to understand. The wife continued to resist our questions stating they are saved so we would just heal him instead of preaching. We decided to finally pray for them while in private, and his ears were opened to hear again. They came back again the next day, this time, she got saved. He also got saved, now being able to hear the Gospel preached. To my knowledge after his salvation he himself was also fully healed.
Bible School
A ministry that I have yet to personally connect with, a Bible School, has taken root from this church as well. Charles has taken up to teaching her intermittently. It goes to show the level of commitment to the Word of God that has taken to this church, who prior had seemed to have grown stagnant.


Underground meeting – Anonymous
Setting up the week long event with the Pastor in Kyenjojo didn’t come without its controversy. The church itself is under the authority of another Pastor, so the church I was to be preaching at is merely a branch of the original. Due to the animosity towards me from this other Pastor, the church in Kyenjojo decided to keep my presence a secret in order that they may receive the teachings that we had. Having spent a couple of weeks there before, they knew that our teachings would be truth, and also that we are very easy guests. So he decided to go ahead anyway with taking us in for a week, stating that he was not worried about the other Pastor, and that if he was found out, the consequences (being cut off) was something he was not fearful of for the sake of the truth.


“Truly you are preaching the Gospel that Paul preached” Anonymous Pastor
While teaching in a small village church, a fairly modest size group of Pastors came together to hear me and Charles preach. Our topic to these Pastors, as usual, is the Gospel. I started out by taking them through my standard teachings on righteousness, judgment, the Law, and the cross. At first I could see the offense on their faces as I began to open up the Bible and show them what the Gospel really is, and after about 5 hours of preaching and teaching I could see the strongholds tearing down in their minds, and they began to be convicted. One Pastor then stood up during my teachings and proclaimed to the group of about 30, “I am a Pastor, an Apostle who has planted ten churches. I have led them for many years, and I have preached a false gospel. I have promised them wealth and prosperity and health, and I have been teaching a lie to all of them. Truly you are preaching the Gospel that Paul preached. We all need to repent of our false teachings.”
This thankfully, happens very often, as the Lord’s Word does not return void.
Dream: Pastor
After preaching for two days to a large group of Pastors, it was evident that there were a few of them that were against us. On the third day one of those Pastors stood up to give a testimony. He talked about how he was resistant to our teachings, but the night before he had a dream where a voice told him “These two men are from me. Listen to them.”


“This is a hard teaching. This must be for Pastors only” Pastor
After teaching a hard message on a Lord’s Day in a small church about the perseverance of the Saints, I sat down and prayed that someone would understand the message. After I sat down, the pastor walked up to the front and proclaimed, “This is a hard teaching. This must be for Pastors only.” This unfortunately is not the only truth that this pastor tried to steal from her congregation after I taught there.