False Teachers

Why I abominate the Prosperity Gospel

Below are just some of the numerous examples of false teaching I encountered in the past. Some are subtle, some require a deep understanding of Scriptures, and some are blatantly heretical.


In a certain church I have a Pastor acquaintance, whom I’ve debated many times as well about his teachings. His teachings are prosperity based, and even claims that prosperity is the gospel. Also, that the reason that this is the truth is because ‘he has a revelation that even the Apostles did not.’

When I was invited to his church I went for the sole purpose of preaching the Gospel, as I knew the majority of the congregation had not heard the Gospel before. I started with a challenge to them, as I often do when overseas, to test my teaching by the Word of God, and not to be led astray by anything that does not line up with Scripture. After holding the pulpit for about 45 minutes I sat down, where another speaker took over. He did not speak in English, so my translator had to break it down for me after the message. He spent, as most prosperity preachers do, a lot of time bragging about their riches and their opportunities that their “god” has given them. The picture above is him, selling a product of his to the congregation while he was at the pulpit.

He committed this atrocity after he told his “testimonies” and attacked my teaching by stating, “If you noticed I haven’t opened my Bible. I don’t need to use the Bible if I gave testimony.” Preachers of this nature are allowed all over Uganda, and it is a sad reality of that which stems from America.

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The church pictured above is another prosperity driven church. My first time preaching at this church, I spoke about the Gospel as usual. The subjects I covered were: The Fall of Man, Holiness of God/Man’s Depravity, Messianic Prophecy, God’s love and hatred for sinners, Inheritance of the Cross, Prosperity not being the Gospel, Eternal Security, and Evangelism Training.

I was introduced as being a man with a “white” anointing. Upon preaching for a few days, they stated that they were surprised of the different type of Gospel I was proclaiming, because they were expecting a gospel of money falling from the sky.

They had little to no desire to preach the Gospel, as I tried to evangelize with them after teaching the how to preach the Gospel, and after that my partner Charles also tried to get them to preach the Gospel and they didn’t hold to his teachings either, and did not change at all.

After teaching on eternal security, perseverance, and election, the pastor got in front of the congregation and stated in Luganda, “That was a hard message. It must be for pastors only.”

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This church above is a church I am very familiar with, and it’s one of the bigger churches I was associated with. Below are some of the false teachings that I’ve noticed, and some basics about them.

  • Breaking Spirits: This teaching is wrapped up in mystic styles of praying against spirits, rather than seeking out protection through faith in God. It is usually accompanied with praying against spirits which bring sickness, failure, poverty, and various curses into the life of a Christian.
  • Generational Curses: This teaches that there are curses which carry over from generation to generation. It is understandable that they would hold to this due to the high amount of witchcraft in the area. However, they have no freedom in Christ because they are constantly breaking these curses. In fact, they often meet at the end of each year to break the same generational curses that they broke the year before. 
  • Binding and loosing: This is  a very popular form of praying from the Charismatic movement from Matthew 18:18. Unfortunately the context of binding and loosing is that of  proclamation of the law and discipline under a new covenant.
  • Four Spiritual Laws: This is not in itself completely a bad thing, however the 4 laws are often idolized and replaces the movement of the Holy Spirit in preaching the Gospel. The laws go as such; God has a wonderful plan for you life, you sinned and separated yourself from God, Jesus died to bridge the gap between God and man, and repentance through the sinner’s prayer. It was turned into a formula, and involves easy believism.
  • Sinner’s Prayer: This involves reciting a prewritten prayer to lead a person to salvation. However, this often leads to people believing that you are saved because of the prayer. Also, the “proof text” is usually Romans 10:9-10, which I have heard people even believing that a person who cannot repeat the prayer cannot be saved. It is a slippery slope with the already bad doctrines in the country.
  • The Anointing: The teaching on the anointing in Pentecostalism involves one person, usually the Pastor, being the anointing of the church through which all the blessings flow. He steps in as an intermediary, or almost as a High Priest to the people, so that when they sow anything to the Pastor they receive a portion of the anointing, or blessings. This is heresy because the Bible teaches that all the saints have the anointing of God in the New Covenant. Not that all are appointed to leadership, but all have the Holy Spirit. Also coming with their understanding of the anointing, is that people have specific anointings. So some have the anointing of healing, some of prophecy, some of riches, some of favor, some of cars, or anything else they want to exploit. But the anointing is not a force, but the person of the Spirit of God, and He will not deny His sovereignty or character. There is a sense, however, that there is anointing for a time, where God grants particular power for a purpose of His diving choosing. This anointing comes from the Holy Spirit though, and not from some mystical oil that invisibly emanates from them. It is by the grace of God alone, and any anointing that a person has to work miracles, preach the Gospel, or to teach, should be pointed to Christ, because that is the purpose of the Holy Spirit, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and worked by the Holy Spirit.
  • Transferring the Anointing: This is the understanding that you can transfer a portion of power, or a specific anointing. This falls again into the belief that a person has an anointing to perform or excel in an area where someone does not. Usually it is an anointing of money, and because of that anointing, they “transfer” this anointing to someone else so that they can be rich also.
  • Sowing into the Anointing: This is the manner in which the Pastor, Prophet, or Apostle gets money to transfer the anointing to another person.
  • Touch not the Lord’s Anointed: This places the leader beyond reproach. Anyone who says anything against the Pastor is placed under what is essentially a divine curse for not submitting to leadership without question. Anyone who goes against the flow of the Pastor is from this usually ostracized from their community because of their disobedience against God. As such, Pastors have been known to steal, commit adultery, and even blatantly lie and slander people at the pulpit and no one is allowed to stop them.
  • P.U.S.H.: This is an acronym that means Pray Until Something Happens. This is not a teaching about tarrying and persistence in daily prayer, but it is understood to the people who “PUSH” that they are to pray until God answers them. This means that people spend literally hours praying, screaming, and commanding God to do something on their behalf because of their inherent worth. So the louder they are, the more they flail, the more they fast, the more God must answer them. This is witchcraft.
  • African/White Gospel: This is something I heard come directly from a false teacher. He stated that there was an African gospel, and a White gospel, and that one worked for Africans and one worked for the whites. Speaking this, he was stating that one must preach the African “gospel” to the Africans, which involves money and the false teachings in this list.
  • Tongues at Baptism: This is not in itself a false teaching, but the teaching is over emphasized in two ways (which it is also in America). One way is that one MUST speak in tongues to be baptized in the Spirit. The other is that one MUST speak in tongues to be saved.
  • Prophesying:  With this, any Pastor or Prophet who says that they are prophesying, they are automatically speaking on behalf of God. I have legitimately heard “I prophesy in the Spirit, cars. I release the anointing of cars.” It keeps people in bondage because they go to the “Prophet’ rather than to God, and usually for unbiblical desire.
  • Prosperity and Breakthrough: This is the African “gospel.” Every message is about gaining breakthrough and prosperity. They say it’s because they need hope, but they put their hope in riches and not in Christ when preaching this gospel. Thankfully there is a remnant that love the true Gospel and hate the gospel of money.
  • Demon Possessed Christians: Hundreds of times I’ve seen “Christians” writhing on the ground, screaming, contorting, with a group of people standing over them casting out a demon. This might not seem weird in the context of all the false worship and witchcraft in the area, however I’ve seen these people also leading worship, and are often leaders in the church. How can a demon share the temple with the Holy Spirit? Or is our God that weak?
  • Sowing Whites: I sat under a message from a pastor where he spoke about sowing and reaping. He spoke of a white man who came to Africa under his ministry, and how he started letting other ministers share in the anointing of this white man, and from this he was able reap more white people.
  • Commanding your morning (Job 38:12):  This is a teaching that was given at a new years overnight meeting to a very large crowd. The verse states “Have your commanded your morning since your days began…” This is a rhetorical question to show that God only can command the day, yet this teacher used it as an opportunity to teach about commanding things into your day starting at the beginning of the morning.
  • 2 Kings 4:16:  Here there is a conversation between Elisha and widow. This is a pivotal verse that states, “And he said, ‘At this season, about this time next year, you shall embrace a son.’ And she said, ‘No, my lord, O man of God; do not lie to your servant.’” The message cut off the verse after Elisha’s words, and he went on to say “The reason she received a son is because she believed the word of the prophet.” He then started prophesying to the congregation blessings, which they “received.”

Here are a couple of quotes from the same pastor:

  • When talking about the gospel that he preaches to his congregation and its effectiveness to a group of refugees he just visited…“The Gospel that we preach has no power for them”
  • You don’t need to learn a bunch of stuff in the Bible. You don’t need to learn names, and dates, and doctrines, or genealogies to go to heaven. You only need to believe in Jesus to go to heaven. So, you learn a couple of Bible verses and things that get you blessings. You learn what verses in the Bible to pray so that God must answer.”
  • The Gospel is the Word of God. He speaks through His ministers to us. Their word is the very Word of God.”
  • Trying to discredit me after a message I gave in a Sunday service in his church…“When we are a youth, we we are growing up, we want to debate so much about Scripture, we want to argue about Scripture. When you grow up and get old, you settle with what you know, what works, what you learned as a youth.”
  • The first half is eluding to Proverbs 19:17, the second half is nowhere in the Bible…“If you give to a poor man, God gives you a loan. If you give to a rich man, God gives you a blessing.”